International Conference on Innovative Development in Science, Technology and Management (IDSTM) is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent international platform for the academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants and budding students around the world to SHARE their research findings with the global experts. IDSTM 2017 will be held on January 29th.

The key intention IDSTM 2017 is to provide opportunity for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts on the world. In addition this gathering will help the delegates to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. We hope that IDSTM 2017 outcome will lead to significant contributions to the knowledge base in these up-to-date scientific fields .


Areas of Conference:

Computer Science & Engineering/Information Technology

¤ Data Mining

¤ Network security & Cryptography

¤ Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence

¤ Cloud Computing

¤ Wireless Sensor Network

¤ Multi- Media Signal Processing

¤ Signal/ Speech/ Video/ Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

¤ Ad-hoc and Mobile Communication

¤ Distributed and Parallel Computing

¤ System Modeling and Simulation

¤ Soft Computing Optimization Algorithms


Electronics &Communication Engineering/Electrical Engineering

¤ Embedded System

¤ Optical Fiber Comm.

¤ Microwave Comm.

¤ VLSI System Design

¤ Digital Signal Processing

¤ Wired or Wireless Communication

¤ Radar Communication

¤ Semiconductor devices and

¤ Solar Energy and its applications

¤ Antenna & Electromagnetic

¤ Satellite Communication

¤ Bioinformatics & Control systems

¤ Power System

¤Electrical Machine and Control System

¤ Signals and system

¤ Mobile & Adhoc network


Civil Engineering

¤ Modern Trends in Civil Engineering

¤ Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture

¤ Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

¤ Structural Engineering

¤ Transportation Engineering

¤ Municipal Engineering Town Planning

¤ Water Resource Engg.

¤ Environmental Engg.

¤ Green Building Design

¤ Seismic Design & Analysis


Mechanical Engineering

¤ Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

¤ Automation & Robotics

¤ Thermal Engineering

¤ Machine Design


¤ Automobile Engineering

¤ Fluid Engineering

¤ Material Science & Metallurgy

¤ Supply Chain management

¤ Mechatronics


Applied Sciences

¤ Recent Trends in the Advancement of Physics

¤ Green chemistry- the need of hour

¤ Application of Mathematics in Engg. & Technology

¤ Application of Statistics in Engg. & Technology

¤ Statistical Quality Control

¤ Optimization Technique

¤ Polymers & Amorphous Materials

¤ Nuclear Science & Engineering.

¤ Communication Challenges in Engineering Education

¤ Second Language Learning Strategies

¤ Language Apprehensions



¤ Management Accounting & Control System

¤ Activity-Based Costing & Management

¤ Corporate Entrepreneurship

¤ Business Marketing

¤ Human Resource Management

¤ Operation Management

¤ Financial Management

¤ Growth Management

¤ Group Dynamics

¤ Small Company Management

¤ Leadership Management



¤ International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology (IJESRT) /http://www.ijesrt.com/

¤ Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches (GJESR)/http://www.ijesmjournal.com/

¤ International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Management (IJESM)/http://www.gjesr.com/

¤ International Journal of Engineering Researches and Management Studies (IJERMS)/http://www.ijerms.com/


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