The Institute hosts various indoor and outdoor games for all round development of the students. It is enriched with a common room for all sorts of indoor games like table tennis, Carom-board, Chess and Yoga. The Institute has a large playground where outdoor activities are carried out under the guidance of our sports club. The Sports club of the institute conducts various indoor and outdoor activities to maintain physical fitness of the students. Annual Sports Events are organized.


1) To enhance physical and mental abilities in students.
2) To develop spirit of sportsmanship among students.
3) To ensure the awareness in students about physical education and sports.
4) To motivate the students for participate in various tournaments.

Medical facility

At GTC campus a wide range of health and welfare services are available to its students and staff. The Institute has First-Aid facilities round the clock. In case of any health problem affecting students or in case of emergency a visiting doctor offers advice and support. Referral services may also be availed of, if need be. Routine medical check up of students is done on a regular basis.


The Institute has its own cafeteria which has been nicely designed and located on the premises in the green environs. It is a well kept self service cafeteria. It offers a range of food With hot and cold beverages and a variety of ready-to-eat snacks. The food and beverages tries to incorporate favourite and tastes into it menu and tries to balance salt with the sweet.

The cafeteria offers a range of food items like quick, crisp anytime snacks, delicious ice-creams, hot and cold beverages and nutritious meals. All these are available at reasonable nay appetizing rates.

Class room

Smart Classroom

The College has a spacious, fully equipped Smart Classroom. It provides the pupil-teachers with firsthand experience demonstration and practical skill development to handle with dexterity different equipment. SMART Classrooms are our tool for more effective and efficient teaching. Our goal is to standardize all multimedia equipment in every classroom to allow faculty to have the same technical control and capabilities no matter where they are teaching on campus.

Tutorial Room

The Tutorial room is an online meeting space accessed via your web browser. It enables synchronous communication between group members using video, audio or text, as well as document sharing and annotation. The Tutorial room is used to host seminar-type sessions where you will be able to discuss and explore topics with your tutor and other members of your group.

Project Room

Real time application, development and training is an integral part. All the students need to undergo a practical industrial project in the final semester. The project centre is very much beneficial for the students to have an insight into the kind of real time problems and tasks that have been implemented by earlier batches. All the information related to standard formats of documentation, Software engineering principles and System Development Life Cycles are available here. The information related to the projects undertaken by the students in their final semesters as well as sample project reports and a database for referral of the students is also provided in the project room.

Seminar Hall & Auditoriums

The institute’s infrastructure boasts of impressive and state of art seminar halls, convention hall and condition as well as which are fully A.C. with all modern gadgets and cater to symposiums, conferences and seminars, at both national and international levels.

Counseling Cell

The modern day education system is too demanding and requires the students to be focused and far sighted. The students generally undergo a lot of mental stress as well as adaptation to changes within the dynamic environment. The counseling cell has been set up with an aim to provide the very much indispensable support and advice to the students based on their personal circumstances. At GTC we have students from varied backgrounds and since we are a co-educational institution, the students sometimes have some personal misgiving. So, the counselor gives them the soothing personalized touch and also the thoughts for their gradual transition into a mature professional.


Hostel facility is one of the main part of any institution for the students.It not only provides accommodation facilities but also safety & security to the outsider students. Our hostel have good accommodation & Wifi facilities.


The institute library is a fully computerized digital library with more than 25,000 latest books and periodical , multimedia facility, recording and reprographic facilities. The library has access to 140 national and international journals and more than 4500 e-journals on Engineering, Technology and Management through membership of DELNET. The library plays a proactive role in ensuring that the information resource are acquired and organized to meet the present and future needs of its users.


The GTC has a fleet of buses for daily transportation of students, facility and staff to and from the campus to Delhi, Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, Rohtak, Rewari and Charkhi Dadri.

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